Partnerships to Success!

About our Opportunity Grant Program

Because of our financial support, substantial state and federal grants are achieved for Member County initiatives.  In other ways, our support has helped create new tourism events or marketing strategies.   

  • Funds must meet the mission & vision of Southwest ITBEC.

  • Funds must be for a specific project or event on a one time basis.

  • Member County you are located in must be in good standing with SW-ITBEC.

  • You MUST have a letter of support from two (2) County Board Supervisors

  • Applicant must show that there are funds in place to match the Grant from SW-ITBEC.

  • Requests must be given through the official Opportunity Grant Application.  You can apply through our Online Application or by downloading a printable version of the Application.

  • You must present IN PERSON at the monthly SW-ITBEC meeting to answer any questions and give further information.

  • Upon approval, SW-ITBEC must be showcased as a sponsor on signage, marketing & advertising materials.

  • After the project or event is completed the Applicant must appear IN PERSON at the monthly SW-ITBEC meeting to give a final report.

  • Funds may NOT be used to support a business in distress or additional hires.

  • If the project or event goes over budget, or is larger than approved, the Grant will NOT cover any additional costs.